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Experiences of Constructing Cement Concrete Pavement in Winter

2017-08-02 Views:

1 winter construction should focus on several issues to solve the cement concrete strength depends mainly on the hydration of cement. Hydration is related to temperature. When the water is frozen when the hydration of cement to stop, resulting in concrete strength is no longer long. But also can cause concrete internal stress, resulting in damage to the concrete structure. Therefore, when the night temperature is lower than 10 c or day and night the average temperature is lower than a 5c, we should use some special measures, we in Pingdingshan City Teachers College Road concrete concrete pavement construction, according to previous lessons, focus on the following Aspects of the problem were studied, and made some valuable experience.
The amount of cement antifreeze, varieties and mixed with antifreeze when the mixture icing temperature.
How to determine the maintenance method and curing time under the conditions of the lowest temperature at that time, so that the concrete concrete pavement meets the required bending strength required by the construction code.
How to Determine the Critical Minimum Temperature of Cement Concrete Pavement Construction.
2 before the beginning of condensate cement concrete freezing point temperature comparison In 2002, the construction of concrete road construction, when in late December, the average maximum temperature of about 6C, the minimum temperature of a 10C we use the laboratory freezer, with experimental methods The temperature of the concrete concrete freezing point without any antifreeze. See Table 1. Table 1 Freezing temperature when no antifreeze is added Cement amount (kg) Water-cement ratio icing temperature of fresh concrete (c) It can be seen that the amount of unit cement used in the absence of any antifreeze Large, low water-cement ratio, low freezing point, which is consistent with the principle of dissolution of thermodynamics. After the water in the water, the first dissolved Ca (OH), so that the basic increase in the solution, when the alkalinity in the mixed water increased, the freezing point of the first: Zheng Shuangjian (1967-) male, Henan Ye County Pingdingshan municipal engineer The
Will be less than 0c. With three kinds of antifreeze: salt, urea, composite antifreeze, the use of different dosing test results are shown in Table 2. Table 2 mixed with a variety of antifreeze new concrete freezing point test results antifreeze varieties antifreeze (C) Addition amount 2% Addition amount 3% Dosing amount 4% Dosing amount 5% Addition amount 6% Salt urea compound early strength agent M can be seen from Table 2, Mixed with salt c concrete to reduce the freezing point of the better, poor urea. Taking into account the roadway in the road rod, transmission rods and other steel corrosion effect, the general amount should not be too much, not more than 2% when the corrosion effect is not obvious, and composite early strength agent M is relatively moderate, at the time of the temperature conditions Can meet the minimum temperature requirements, and no obvious negative effects.
After adding the antifreeze, the freezing point temperature of the concrete is reduced, but when the temperature is lower than 0, the concrete is recommended to supply the mixer and strengthen the insulation measures, pay attention to the maintenance method and the curing time. Table 3 is the concrete concrete At construction time at a minimum of 10 ° C, the data obtained by covering the conservation method.

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