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How can we choose a great position for concrete batching plant?

2017-08-22 Views:

More and more kinds of concrete batching plant equipment, how to choose a suitable is important station, the following points can be basis for reference only:
1, the scale of production, according to how much and choose concrete mixer output devices.
2, to produce high quality concrete, be about to choose reliable production equipment.
3, according to the size of the construction site to determine the concrete mixer equipment production capacity.
4, mainly from the equipment advanced, reliability and optimal benign and general consideration.
5, forced mixer, mixing of good quality and strong overload capacity, discharge without segregation, high production efficiency, can adapt to a variety of concrete mixing, the performance of the commercial concrete mixing equipment widely used forced mixer.
6, performance/cost ratio
7 and comprehensive it is unwise to pursue technical equipment performance, increase cost anymore, but only the pursuit of low investment and reduce equipment technical performance will bring the increase of the cost, this practice is not desirable.

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