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The station is widely used in the foundation construction of concrete mixing plant , concrete mixing station for many users know only how to use, for the quality of the concrete mixing station is good or bad,is not very understanding, not to mention the quality inspection station to buy.
The main part of a concrete mixing machine is that several, so long as these parts have no quality problem, then the concrete mixing station has no quality problem too much.
1 if the gravity type mixing drum concrete mixer  that its discharge buckle ring radial run out does not exceed1% of the diameter of the inlet, the installation accuracy of reasonable size and quality to check vibration sieve and sieve mixer on sieve screen bar and check screen;
2 transmission system operation should be flexible, no abnormal noise;
3 belt conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilever pull shovel to drive smoothly, operation should be flexible, the brake can be high, no abnormal noise, no chain card;
4 metering system is also very important, to check the sensitivity and the accuracy of them measurement system;
5 reduce the hoist temperature should also pay attention to, to achieve the temperature on the certificate;
6 metering hopper feeding to smooth, does not appear to accumulate material, over flow phenomenon;
7 safety valve leakage phenomenon can not occur;
The quality of the 8 qualified cement tank;
9 supporting line installation should be reasonable, the installation of the equipment to the right.

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