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How To Clean The Cement Storage Silo

2017-09-27 Views:

How to cleaning the cement silo is an difficult question for long time.
According to our experience on the cement powder storage, here is some knowledge to share with everyone.
First step: reform the steel silo and install fluid system, then which fluid will make out strong air to make the cement powder fluid state, finally reach the effect that over 90% cement powder inside steel silo can be discharged. If equipped with the automatic system, the effect will be better.
Following is three fluid systemes for the cement storage silo:
Solution one: this fluid system is used to transport the dry powder. It produce air with low pressure and make the powder even and fluid, and the powder will form fluid state under the tangential component force of gravity, and slide along the scope. The features of this fluid system are as following: simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, reliable operation, easy to change transport direction, multi-points discharge material, etc.
Solution two: this fluid system is installed on the steel silo bottom and the installation angle is about 10°, and go through the heated air to keep the cement powder under fluid state, then the cement powder will slip along scop down to discharging outlet. This fluid equipment can reduce the cement silo bottom height to save cost, so it is popular among the engineering design unit or cement plant.
Solution three: it is mainlyfly ash powder silo, cement powder silo, etc. industrial powder silo. Using this system, the heated air will combine the powder material to make the powder fluid, then ensure the industrial powder inside steel silo easy to discharged.

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