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How To Discharge Material From Cement Storage Silo

2017-10-09 Views:

cement storage  silo is made of double galvanized steel sheet, and equipped with conveying system, ventilation system, aeration system, level monitor, etc silo auxiliary. This steel silo has outstanding advantages: good quality, good ventilation, low cost, short construction time, etc. Following is some tips for discharging material from cement silo:
1.Before discharging material from steel silo, starting the conveyor and the gate in the silo bottom.
2.What degree to open the gate valve depends on conveying load.
3.If the silo is designed multiple discharge outlet, user shall open the discharging outlet from center to edge according to operating Instructions.
4.If silo is equipped with cleaning machine, it is forbidden to start cleaning machine before all discharging outlet is empty.
5.When appearing caking inside cement storage silo, keep at least two worker into silo to clean it under the conveying system stop.
6.During the discharging process, the ventilation outlet on silo roof must be open.
7.After the material is discharged and steel silo become empty, user shall clean steel silo inside to make it easy for next feeding.
8.It is forbidden to drill hole on silo wall or silo hopper.

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