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The Construction Attention of Concrete Mixer of Concrete Mixing Plant in Winter

2017-11-10 Views:

According to the characteristics of the concrete mixing plant, cement mixer is located in the mixing building. When the winter arrives, the mixing plant will be closed tightly. The heating pipe will be used to heat the inside of the mixing station according to the temperature.compulsory type concrete mixer is the host of concrete mixing plant, the entire concrete mixing plant play a key role in the operation. It will affect the entire working of stationary concrete plant once the operation has some problem, so users pay attention to the concrete mixer in special operation weather.
After starting concrete mixer, you must check whether the movement of various parts of the flexible, heating mixer reducer to prevent the start load is too large burn control appliances.
Users should pay attention to two issues in concrete mixing plant production process:
1. measuring equipment
Statioanry or mobile concrete batching plant  measurement equipment should be regularly verified to ensure accurate, especially admixture measurement.
2. Mixing time
The concrete mixing time is related to the strength and uniformity of the concrete. The best mixing time should be selected from many experiments and production practices. Too short mixing time will have a great impact on the homogeneity of concrete, which too long mixing will produce bleeding and segregation.

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