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Concrete mixing station to buy back will have the use of a run in period, the running in period is an important process of test equipment is safe and reliable, so in production must be on concrete mixing station appears to be paid attention to, so that we can in the future in the production of more efficient energy, in order to enable users to more operation
One , concrete mixing station must be standard
In concrete mixing station just started during the work, must not be overloaded with work, should pay attention to of concrete mixing station time, dosage of reasonable deployment, prevent the emergence of the concrete mixing station continued operations caused by overheating, and mixing station thermal phenomenon is relatively common, common in use must pay attention to the reasonable precautions.
Two, staff training must not be ignored
concrete mixing plant training must be formal and professional, not a radius of no rules, manufacturers in operator training, not only to allow staff to master the correct method of operation, also need to machine structure and performance of the full understanding and knowledge, in this way after the concrete mixing station operation in order to better maintenance and maintenance.
Three, the daily inspection must be rigorous concrete mixing machine  inspection work is essential, always pay attention to observe the instrument operation, abnormal should be stopped in time to be eliminated, are not found in the reason, fault elimination should be immediately cease operations; pay attention to always check the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, cold coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil (water), and pay attention to check the machine seal.
Above is the portable concrete mixing plant must pay attention to matters, only strict and effective concrete mixing station management measures, in order to ensure the engineering quality and improve the efficiency.

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