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Work environment and working conditions determine the concrete mixing station there are many specific requirements, influence of concrete strength great is weighing weighing error in the system, so the weighing system is very important, weighing system in the vast majority of small concrete mixing plant  equipment  is also relatively high, specific requirements are the following: type to be complete, weighing value a preselected range; transformation should be simple, to meet the requirements of different capacity and different ratio; to must be solid and reliable, stable performance, simple structure and easy operation.
Requirements for symmetric heavy system of concrete mixing station:
Requires a strong corrosion resistance. Because the skip type concrete mixing plant is bad, the temperature and humidity fluctuate greatly, to be corrosive. Hybrid production of concrete in the process will produce dust, because the need for cement, coal ash and the amount of additives in the production process, these items will produce dust in the production process. In the process of production, the weight of the sensor surface will be attached to some dust. Because the temperature and humidity in the process of production are relatively large, in the dust and water vapor, it will corrosion sensor. Therefore, the damage of the powder scale sensor will be more frequent.
Special design for construction. The use of the weighing system also depends on the personal qualities of the staff.  continuous  concrete mixing palnt is generally installed in the construction site, the construction site has a lot of temporary workers, many of which temporary workers and cultural level is low, the skills are not high. In the maintenance of machinery and cleaning, it is likely to be damaged by improper operation. So, the sensor must carry out special design, to avoid the wrong operation.

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