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Forced Concrete Mixer

2018-07-25 Views:

Forced concrete mixer
According to the number of mixing shafts placed, the forced concrete mixer equipment can be divided into single shaft and double shaft. The models are JS and JDC mixers. It is a concrete mixer equipment with good mixing efficiency and high mixing quality.
Working principle: Whether it is a single-shaft or a double-shaft mixer, the mixing shaft is equipped with a stirring blade. The stirring blade rotates at high speed in the mixing drum, which can quickly mix various materials. This method is called forced type. Stirring, which is the origin of this type of mixer.
Use: JS series mixer can be used as the mixing host of each type of concrete batching plant, which can be used for engineering or commercial purposes. JDC series mixers can be used in some field engineering, concrete laboratory, precast concrete component manufacturers.

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