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Concrete Batching Machine

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PLD800 Concrete Batcher 2hoppers

accumulated weighing with 2 hoppers
Model: PLD800
Volume of Weighing hopper: 800L
Storage bin capacity: 2m3×2
Productivity(drier): 48m3/h
Maximum weighing magnitude: 1500kg
Kinds of batching aggregate: 2
Transition belt speed: 1m/s
Power (kw): 3×3=9
Total weight (kg): 2450
Outline dimension (mm): 5600×1500×2700
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The PLD series concrete batching machines consists of feeding system, weighing system and electric control system, it is applicable in different situation, such as bridges and road construction and residential , commercial, industrial constructions.
PLD800 Concrete Batching Machine accomplish the batching procedure of 2 kinds of materials.
1.automatic batching equipment.
2.The machine adopts detachable structure, which makes it easy to be fed.
3.It can batch several kinds of materials automatically according to the mixture ratio set by users.
4.Electric weighing with a sensor has advantages of accurate weighing and precise batching. And with strong microcomputer control system, users can operate it just with a key.
5.A cover at the top of belt machine can prevent spilling effectively.
6.Easy to clean, maintain and service.
7.This series product has many styles and can make up different types of concrete mixer plant with the JS series concrete mixer as your need. And it is convenient for moving and installation. Meanwhile, the price of the batching machine is just 1/2 to 1/3 of the batching plant of same standard.
After-sale service:
Installation; Debugging; Training; Maintenance.
A.When training your operators, our engineer will give them advice on how to operate the machines correctly and provide the construction program.
B.We will send you the operation manual which can help you operate the machines properly and solve some common problems.
C.Call us at any time if you have problem with our concrete plant.
D.If necessary, we will send engineers to your site to solve your problem.

Model PLD800
Volume of Weighing hopper 800L
Storage bin capacity 2m3×2
Productivity(drier) 48m3/h
Batching accuracy ±1%
Maximum weighing magnitude 1500kg
Kinds of batching aggregate 2
Feeding height 2400mm
Transition belt speed 1m/s
Power (kw) 3×3=9
Total weight (kg) 2450
Outline dimension (mm) 5600×1500×2700

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