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Concrete Mixer

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JZC Concrete Mixer Machine

Applicable material:Concrete  Motar
Dynamic type:Electric  Diesel 
Mixing way:Forced-type mixing
Shape of mixing drum:Drum type
The process capacity for one time:Discharge 300-500(L)
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The small volume JZC Concrete Mixer Machine has many advantages such as simple structure easy to maintain low cost and high efficiency. It is suitable for small construction site. It is suitable for mixing plastic drying light aggregate concrete and mortar.
The machine adopts electric discharge can be used with tilting overturned. It is an ideal tool for all kinds of construction site.

Model JZC350 JZC400 JZC500
Mixing capacity 350L 400L 500L
Rotating speed of spindle 19 21 40
Power 5.5 5.5 7.5
Outline dimension
Φ1000×1100 Φ1200×1400 Φ1500×1400

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