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Concrete Mixer

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Pan Mixer

Applicable material:concrete
Dynamic type:electric
Layout form:Vertical horizontal
Mixing way:Forced-type mixing
Shape of mixing drum:Disk type
Capacity:Discharge 250-1000(L)

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Pan concrete mixer mainly consists of trolley motor gear box the feeding mechanism embrace mixed institutions and other major components out of the chute .The smaller volume quite suitable for undergroundmine and other projects to use.
It has the extensive application.Except mixing dry hard plastic and lighter aggregates and  the mixing of mortar as well.From the viewpoint of structure it adopts multi-motor drive aloneand the mechanical efficiency up to 85%Longer service time.
1. Stable operation low energy consumption compact structure reliable driving light weight and high productivity etc.
2. Easy maintenance time and energy saving as well as elegant design.
3. Combined with batching machine make it can form into small and medium batching plant with quick and tidy discharging.

Model JW250 JW350 JW500 JW750 JW1000
Capacity 250L 350L 500L 750L 1000L
Rotating speed of spindle 19 35 35 40 45
Power 5.5 5.5 7.5 11 15
Outline dimension Φ1000×1100 Φ1200×1400 Φ1500×1400 Φ1600×1400 Φ1600×2000

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