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Concrete Recycling Plant

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XF-100 Concrete Reclaimer System

Modeli :XF-100
Sieving Capacity :20-30
Separate Stone Size: Φ>5
Separate Sand Size: Φ1-5
Total Motor Power(kw) :12
Mixing Vehicle Quantity :10-30
Host Weight: 3540
Host Outline Dimension(m): 6.36×1.75×2.393
Total Weight :7T
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The Concrete Reclaimer is a compact system that washes, separates and dewaters rest concrete and discharges the sand and aggregate separately. Our Concrete Recycling Plant guarantees a perfect sand and aggregate purification effect with less than 0,5% remaining cement. 
Sand, aggregates and the concrete/ water mixture can be reused without problems.
  • Continues washing capacity (max. 20 m3/h);
  • Washes and purifies particle sizes from 0.2 to 40 mm;
  • Suitable for simultaneous washing of two trucks;
  • Fully galvanized steel construction;
  • Simple Operation&Maintenance;
  • Can be used as aggregate washer.

Model XF-100
Sieving Capacity 20-30
Separate Stone Size Φ>5
Separate Sand Size Φ1-5
Total Motor Power(kw) 12
Mixing Vehicle Quantity 10-30
Host Weight 3540
Host Outline Dimension(m) 6.36×1.75×2.393
Total Weight 7T

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