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Concrete Block Machine

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QT10-15 Concrete Block Making Machine

Model: QT10-15
Exciting force (KN): 100
Vibration frequency(HZ): 0-60
Power(KW): 52.28
Forming type:  Fully automatic loading and molding
Forming cycle (S): 15-20
Outline dimension: 7500×2500×3020
Pallet size: 1220×900×25
Normal output: 140000
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QT10-15 Fully-auto hydraulic cheap Concrete Block Making Machine :
1.360 scatter mixer , greatly inproves the density and intensity of blocks.
2.Hydraulic system: hydraulic spare parts be ordered according our block machine.
3.All material and spare parts selected according international CE standard , Carbon dioxide pertection weldig will assure line stable running.
4.We choose MITSUBISHI / SIEMENS programmable logic controller ( PLC)
5.Mold: newest heat treatment device assure longer mold life.

Model QT10-15
Mixer JS750
Batcher PLD1200
Cement Silo sheet-assembled 100T
Screw Conveyer LSY 219*8m
Forming type Fully automatic loading and molding
Control type PLC Semi-automatic control
Forming cycle (S) 15-20
Outline dimension 7500×2500×3020
Weight (T) 11
Pallet size 1220×900×25

Model Products Size Block Qty/Plate PCS/Hour PCS/8Hours
QT10-15 Hollow Blocks 390×190×190 10 2400 19200
Perforated Blocks 240×115×90 24 5760 46080
Solid Blocks 240×115×53 48 11520 92160

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